Monday, January 4, 2010

SoDS and Domain Names

As an experiment in further obscuring traffic, I made a small change to the sods client and server to take multiple domain names from the command line. The maximum number of domains is hard coded to 256, just because.

The domain names can either be subdomains, if you have only one domain (e.g., ...) or unique domains (e.g.,

The sods server needs to be started with the same list of domains (e.g., or the DNS requests will be rejected. If you want to disable this behaviour, start the sods server with the domain name set to "any". (The sods server checks the domain name to prevent it from answering to DNS scans, otherwise it wouldn't be too stealthy. Of course, if someone knows your domain name, they can easily scan for sods, spoof requests, etc.).

I wonder if DNS servers ever throttle by domain. It would make more sense to restrict queries by client IP address, though even this could be worked around on a non-switched network, like most public wifi internet access, by ARP'ing fake MAC/IP addresses, sending out UDP packets from these IP's and sniffing the responses. On a switched network, the same effect is achievable in tandem with ettercap. Maybe a future feature to think about.

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